Besta Électrique Sourcils Stylo De Tatouage Permanent Maquillage Professionnel Sourcils Tã ª Te Crayon À Lèvres Microblading Tatouage Machine Outil

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Starting voltage : Tm-104. Sobrancelhas bordados6-12.6v. Profissional handmade tattoo machines. Wmtz-004. Wallpaperred subiu. Battery life for led: Bobinas de tatuagem. Arma gel. Máquina vermelha. Tm-29. Bright colors. 6000rpm-8000rpm. Feature 2: 10.5x8.5x4.0 cm. Subiu

Derma Caneta Agulha

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Arma Beleza

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Diaper Boy Fantasies

How this Diaper Boy wants to be kept :-)



They thought this was just part of the hazing. They didn’t realise they’d be kept in nappies for the rest of the year.

So much to love in these pics. A wrestler, the hats, the way they cut the shirts. What an awesome party.

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So, as promised, here is an update set. This is recent, decided to work on my rope work a bit. Reblog and like for more😈



super unfair! first my roommate writes these words on my…underwear…and then he takes pictures of me in my room when I try to escape the humiliation of…letting go in front of him. at least I have one friend who protects me…

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It’s nice to be back to my normal morning routine: waking up soggy, showering and than getting freshly padded for school.

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